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CPL Playaway Launchpad Lending Policy

We now have Playaway Launchpads available for circulation. They are electronic tablets with pre-loaded educational apps and are secure because they do not connect to the Internet. CPL has 10 different Launchpads, and each is geared toward a certain age or grade level. 

The loan period for Launchpad tablets is 3 weeks, and the devices can only be renewed if there are no holds on them. Launchpads may not be returned via our book drop. If the Playaway Launchpad is not returned within 15 days of the return date, the library will deem the item as lost and Borrower will be responsible for the entire amount to replace it.

For our full lending policy and borrower agreement, please click on the Word icon below. If you have not yet borrowed one, you will be required to bring in a signed copy of this form, or we can provide one for you here.

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