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Library Staff

Beth Delaney - Library Director 

Kathleen Hart - Programs/Grants 

Athena Sweeney - Library Assistant II

Paula Gamble - Early Literacy/Library Assistant

Elizabeth Swagger - Library Assistant

Madeline Brown - Library Assistant


The Library Board of Trustees and Staff are committed to:

  • Offering a welcoming, respectful, and responsive customer service environment.

  • Providing open and free access for all.

  • Responding with initiative, creativity, and flexibility.

  • Collaborating with, connecting to, and building community.

  • Managing library resources responsibly.

Board of Trustees

Loreen Hegan - Board Chair

JoAnn Johnson - Vice Chair

Lynne Pitman - Treasurer

Sarah Brassard - Secretary 

Raya Cruse

Jeff Hasbargen

Caitlin Orlomoski

Avery Tillinghast

The Library Board of Trustees meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the library unless otherwise noted.


Members of the public are

welcome to attend.

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